The Stone Age: This Month’s Meeting

This month we will be exploring our first archaeological period; the Stone Age.

We’ve got a really exciting guest speaker who’ll let us all know loads about the Stone Age.

He will also give a flint knapping display.

This really is a meeting you don’t want to miss!

Online fun:



Forward Programme

The planning for the first six branch meetings is moving forward very nicely. Here’s how the programme is looking at the moment, don’t forget to check-in regularly for updates!

October 11th 2014
The Stone Age – Our inaugural meeting will be held at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. We’ve got a really exciting special guest who’s looking forward to talking about the Stone Age and will be offering a flint knapping display.

November 2014
The Bronze Age – A field trip to the Rollright Stones. The branch will be having a look at this wonderful late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age ritual complex.

December 2014
The Iron Age – The Branch’s Christmas Party. We’re going to have some fun and also an Iron Age Feast at the Pitt Rivers Museum.

January 2015
The Roman Era – A field trip to North Leigh Roman Villa, a beautiful spot with some wonderful mosaics.

February 2015
The Anglo-Saxon Era – A field trip to Wallingford, the largest Burh in Saxon England. The group will be looking at the surviving ramparts and the Norman castle.

March 2015
The Medieval Period – A field trip to Godstow Abbey. A well preserved Nunnery that was converted to a mansion and severely damaged during the Civil War.

The Branch is finally active

After a long period of setting things in motion we’re delighted to announce that the Oxfordshire YAC is operational. We’re looking forward to holding our first meeting in October at the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Please note that due to the conditions of our insurance and health and safety policies we can only allow children that are paid up members to attend sessions. For information on joining the branch email us at

Our New Venue

We’re delighted that the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford has agreed to act as the home of Oxfordshire YAC. We’re really excited as the venue has so many fascinating artefacts in the gallery and such wonderful spaces for our meetings. They’ve also mentioned our getting involved with some of the Museum’s projects in the future. Exciting times ahead…